[Mono-dev] MSVC build of mono runtime

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri May 23 12:05:00 EDT 2008

>      I have two main questions. I would still like to use cygwin/make
> to drive the overall build process. I just need to build the mono
> subdirectory using the method mentioned above. Does anyone have any
> recommendations on how to do this cleanly? The other question was,
> should this be a configure option or a make target? Either something
> like './autogen.sh --with-msvc' if during configuration, else 'make
> msvc' for make target. I started off trying to make this a
> configuration option, but very little ended up changing in the
> configuration as most of the differences are handled inside the MSVC
> build process itself. I also have very little experience with
> auto-tools and makefiles in general.

You could start with a make target that invokes vcbuild in the mono
directory (I assume this will build everything under mono/ at this

Once the target is in place, we could add the configure option and
define an automake conditional (AM_CONDITIONAL) that can be added to the
mono/mono/Makefile.am to either use the standard makefile or your new


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