[Mono-dev] Mono C# Serial Port problem

Shawn Schaerer shawn at cogmation.com
Wed May 21 17:11:11 EDT 2008


I will look in to it and see if we can fix the osx version.  Most  
likely it is a tty setting that has not been set,  in OSX Unix there  
are a couple of settings that need to be set or the port does not work.

Shawn Schaerer
Director of Research and Development
Cogmation Robotics Inc

On 21-May-08, at 1:43 PM, Carlos Alberto Cortez wrote:

> Hello,
>> The issue with our code is that we call the Mono posix libraries,  
>> this
>> is not cross platform.
> Our implementation uses the Win32 api in windows and posix calls  
> with a C helper layer in Unix platforms.
> Observe that we never tested it with Mac.
> Since you are using the Mono.Posix library in Mac, it's likely  
> possible
> to use the same functionality using our C helper layer (it resides in
> mono/support/serial.c). Probably we need to apply a pair of  
> corrections
> there, however.
> Carlos.

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