[Mono-dev] System.Net.NetworkInformation

Jacob Gladish jacobgladish at yahoo.com
Mon May 19 21:56:00 EDT 2008

I tried to use System.Net.NetworkInformation.IPInterfaceProperties.GetIPProperties(). It looks like it's not implemented. I'd certainly be willing to lend a hand here, but I have a question... In NetworkInterface.cs there's this comment:
        // This class needs support from the libsupport.so library to fetch the
        // data using arch-specific ioctls.

In the code that follows, there's direct access to sysfs -- see the implementation for GetAllNetworkInterfaces() in NetworkInterface.cs. It seems sysfs has a lot (possibly all) the information needed to implement the missing classes required for GetIPProperties() to work. What's the direction here? As far as I know, sysfs is a Linux-only thing. 


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