[Mono-dev] undefined symbol: g_module_open IKVM Native Library Loading

Robert Jordan robertj at gmx.net
Sat May 17 10:51:54 EDT 2008

Jim Redman wrote:
> Running the application gets this error about the time in the
> application when I would expect the native library to be loaded.
> mono: symbol lookup error: /home/MIX_CMIX/libikvm-native.so: undefined
> symbol: g_module_open
> Library loading seems to work on FC8 Mono 1.2.6 with the same IKVM
> version - but, obviously, an X86 .so.
> Any thoughts? Ideas?

Your system is probably missing gmodule-2.0, which is usually
part of glib.

Check the output of `ldd /home/MIX_CMIX/libikvm-native.so'.


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