[Mono-dev] Migrating Mono 2.0. Crossplatform GUI components.

Yakov Danilov coolman9999 at mail.ru
Sat May 17 06:46:13 EDT 2008

Hi everyone.

    Because of Mono 2.0. release our firm has some plans about creation of crossplatorm client that could be used with .Net 2.0 on Windows and Mono 2.0 on Linux systems.

    Business logic can be used without any problem, but GUI has been created using Infragistics components that have too many Win Api calls and can be used only on Windows.

    Thats why we need components written in managed C# and WinForms that can be used on both platforms. Basically we need Toobar, Grid, Tree. At this time I find only SourceGrid. Can anybody advice us such components? Writing own components too  laborious.

p.s. Sorry if my English is not so well.

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