[Mono-dev] Some questions about ASP.NET

Daniel Nauck dna at mono-project.de
Wed May 14 03:31:33 EDT 2008


k0l0b0k schrieb:
> Hi guys!
> An d next...  Anthem.NET looking as good AJAX framework, and works
> with Mono, but some strange: mono reports in apache's error.log:
> File does not exist: /var/www/myhost.com.ua/WebResource.axd (Anthem
> adds his JavaScript code using it)
> So, if I include Anthem.js manually it's work fine. But this is an issue?

What Version of Mono are you using?
I fixed a bug for Mono 1.9 where request specific path matching infos 
are cached and as a result WebResource.axd or ScriptResource.axd was not 

So if you use an older version of Mono try to upgrade to a recent version.

Hope that helps,


> Thanks for any response!
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