[Mono-dev] Run process as a different user

Jacob Gladish jacobgladish at yahoo.com
Fri May 9 12:23:10 EDT 2008

Agreed assuming it was implemented. I tried a small test and it didn't work. Ultimately there's a call to CreateProcessWithLogonW which is implemented as
gboolean CreateProcessWithLogonW (const gunichar2 *username,
                                  const gunichar2 *domain,
                                  const gunichar2 *password,
                                  const guint32 logonFlags,
                                  const gunichar2 *appname,
                                  const gunichar2 *cmdline,
                                  guint32 create_flags,
                                  gpointer environ,
                                  const gunichar2 *cwd,
                                  WapiStartupInfo *startup,
                                  WapiProcessInformation *process_info)
        /* FIXME: use user information */
        return CreateProcess (appname, cmdline, NULL, NULL, FALSE, create_flags, environ, cwd, startup, process_info);

This is 1.9 source. I'm guessing this implies no go for 1.1 either.

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System.Diagnostics.Process is the way to go.


2008/5/7 pablosantosluac at terra.es <pablosantosluac at terra.es>:


What's the best way to start a process as a different user in Mono/Linux
using framework 1.1?



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