[Mono-dev] mscorlib.dll not found - Mono application on OpenMoko

Thomas Riegmann riegmann at informatik.hu-berlin.de
Fri May 2 11:45:36 EDT 2008

>> I tried building a simple mono application but everytime I get the error
>> that the mscorlib.dll could not be found.
>> (See below for the complete error message.)
>> More precisely: The whole directory
>> '/home/false/moko/build/tmp/staging/i686-linux/usr/lib/mono/1.0/'
>> is missing.
>> Could anybody tell me what is going wrong here, please?
> I can't tell what's going wrong in your case, but in general 
> cross-compiling does not build the compilers and libraries; try 
> copying over the missing assembly directories from your host and see 
> if that helps.
> Andreas

This advice enabled me to compile my application and build an 
However the necessary assemblies of my application (e.g. 
System.Runtime.Remoting.dll) doesn't appear in the /usr/lib/mono 
directory of the image
if run OpenMoko in QEMU.
I used the recipe from this site 
http://bec-systems.com/web/content/view/87/9/ .
Shouldn't the necessary dependencies (assemblies) installed automaticly 
or do I have to install the assemblies manually?



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