[Mono-dev] What is the status of the Windows x64 port?

Jonathan Chambers joncham at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 14:37:44 EDT 2008

     I'll let Bill Holmes give more details, as he has been working on
finishing the port. At this point, I believe the regressions tests on Win64
are only slightly worse than on Win32 (maybe 5-10 more tests failing, IIRC).
I don't believe a full bootstrap has been attempted with mcs yet.

The biggest problem for automated build/release is integrating into the
current cygwin based mono build process. This may only be the biggest
problem as I/Bill have little Makefile/autotools experience. I started
working on producing a make target for the mono runtime to be built with
MSVC and using the output for the full build, but have been busy with a few
other things at this point.


2008/6/30 Kornél Pál <kornelpal at gmail.com>:

> Hi,
> The fact that I was able to run mixed-mode assemblies on Windows x64
> makes me believe that there hase been a quite impressive progress in
> implementing support for Windows x64. Congratulations and thank you!
> Could someone woring on this let us know the actual status and whether
> it will be a supported platform in Mono 2.0?
> Thanks.
> Kornél
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