[Mono-dev] hardcoded vars in *.pc.in

Genadijus Paleckis lsd at nnt.lt
Sat Jun 28 04:22:02 EDT 2008

But if you look at it from another platform's (I mean different than 
Linux) view it would be better to do as it suppose to be better for all.
So my suggestion is to set prefix to @prefix@ and exec_prefix to 
${prefix} and if there is more vars which set to something like 
${pcfiledir} they also must be changed accordingly.

Rafael Teixeira wrote:
> AFAIK prefix can be overriden on install (at least for RPMs I'm quite 
> sure it can), so this way it will operate correctly if installed at 
> another working prefix (pkgconfig-wise I mean).
> Hope it helps,
> On Fri, Jun 27, 2008 at 9:27 AM, Genadijus Paleckis <lsd at nnt.lt 
> <mailto:lsd at nnt.lt>> wrote:
>     Hi list.
>     I am compiling Mono (1.9.1 and friends) on OpenBSD and wonder why
>     *.pc.in <http://pc.in> (in Mono, gtk-sharp, gnome-sharp,
>     gnome-desktop-sharp) files for
>     prefix and exec_prefix contains ${pcfiledir}/../..?
>     Maybe it would be wise set them to @prefix@ and @exec_prefix@ and
>     configure script will automatically assigns them correct values ?
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