[Mono-dev] DataSet / DataTable xsd fix wrt Locale and UseCurrentLocale

Atsushi Eno atsushi at ximian.com
Mon Jun 16 14:00:00 EDT 2008

Hi again,

I have another set of sys.data changes to fix xsd output on
msdata:Locale and msdata.UseCurrentCulture. In .NET 2.0 (possibly
SP1), it should not reflect implicit Locale value but should
reflect explicit Locale value (which is, I mean, assigned explicitly).
In those implicit cases, it outputs msdata:UseCurrentCulture, not

On reading either a schema or xml instance (i.e. as schema inference),
en-US culture seems filled (regardless of current culture; if you
change my patch for XmlDataInferenceLoader or XmlSchemaDataImporter
to fill CurrentCulture, you'll see some tests failing).

(And I did some code unification in DataTable.WriteXmlSchema methods.)

The changes reside all over the related classes:


If it looks good, I'll commit the fix later.

Atsushi Eno
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