[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Marshaling structs on Winx64

Bill Holmes billholmes54 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 11:41:44 EDT 2008

I have been doing more work with passing arguments to native calls on
Winx64.  The attached patch handles the case of an argument that is a
struct that is not able to be passed in a register.


I spoke to some of you about this on IRC.  The summary of this
solution is that when one of these structs are identified a local
variable is created and the argument is copied to that local variable.
 Then the local variable is passed by reference (address of the
variable) either in a register if available or on the stack.

I have added more unit tests for this as well as cleaned up the tests
some to make the code shorter.

I still believe that there is a problem with native code calling
managed.  I will be looking into that soon.

OK to commit?  Suggestions?  What do I not understand?  ;)

fyi.  This week I have been looking into SEH on Winx64.  I am working
on a patch to add unwind data for each method to register with the
Winx64 function table.

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