[Mono-dev] Issues with HttpWebRequest and NTLM based authenticate

Stéphane Zanoni stephane at omni-ts.com
Fri Jun 6 13:28:03 EDT 2008

Before I submit a bug report, I wanted to know if this "should" be

Based on our packet tracing of the messages, the current (1.9.1)
HttpWebRequest doesn't seem to be handling it at all.

We are setting the Credentials to new NetworkCredential(user, pass).

We only see a single request which receives the 401.2, and then throws
the exception.  The response headers do include the WWW-Authenticate
Negotiate and NTLM.

There are a couple bugs regarding NTLM authentication, some are closed
and the open one dates back to early 2007.

There appears to be a bunch of code relating to NTLM authentication in
Mono.Http, but I'm not sure if that is used by the HttpWebRequest (used
by the WebServices).

This works fine in .NET, any thoughts?


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