[Mono-dev] Next point release

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Jun 1 19:30:13 EDT 2008

> Has any date been set yet for the next beta or point release?

Yes, the next release will be Mono 2.0, the schedule looks roughly like
this now:

        July 14th       mono-2-0 branches
        July 21st       Second Beta for Mono 2.0 (we called 1.9 beta1)
        July 21th       Mono 2.0 RC1 (two weeks later)
        Aug  4th        Mono 2.0 RC2 (two weeks later)
        Aug  18th       Mono 2.0 RC3, optional (two weeks later)
        Sept 9th        Mono 2.0 is released.


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