[Mono-dev] [Ximian-mono-list] Branching the Debugger for Mono 2.0

Andrew Jorgensen ajorgensen at novell.com
Tue Jul 29 13:11:46 EDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-07-29 at 07:31 +0200, Martin Baulig wrote:
> The version number inside the branch will become 1.0 "Cologne" and there
> will be periodic 1.0.x bug-fixing releases.  The plan is to keep this
> branch absolutely stable and only have important bug fixes in it.

Martin, I had hoped we would version the debugger 2.0 to avoid confusion
about which version of the debugger will work with the 2.0 release of

Also so that I can include the debugger in the mono-2-0 branch tree and
the mono-2-0 tag.  This makes the release team's job easier and it
should be only a nominal change for you.

I know that means over-stepping a 1.0 release but as we will be keeping
the debugger on the same schedule as mono itself from 2.0 on I think it
makes sense.

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