[Mono-dev] Branching the Debugger for Mono 2.0

Martin Baulig martin at ximian.com
Tue Jul 29 01:31:12 EDT 2008

Hi guys,

I'm not sure whether my mail from Thursday actually made it to the list
(I lost my entire mono-devel-list archive and parts of x-m-l), so in
case you don't already know:

The debugger will be branched for Mono 2.0 this Friday (August 1st) or
on Saturday afternoon - I'll do that before leaving for the weekend.  I
promised that to the release team and that promise still stands.

The version number inside the branch will become 1.0 "Cologne" and there
will be periodic 1.0.x bug-fixing releases.  The plan is to keep this
branch absolutely stable and only have important bug fixes in it.

Trunk will become 1.1 "Andromeda".  Here, the same rules regarding
stability apply - I did not want the branch at all, but the release team
requires it - it'll remain stable and continue to work with the released
version of Mono 2.0.

In trunk, the debugger will check which version of the Mono runtime the
debugged application is using and enable / disable features dynamically
at run-time.  There is also an option (already exists since ages, but is
undocumented on the web page - the debugger has command line arguments
-mono, -mono-prefix, -jit-args and -jit-optimizations ) to select a
different version of Mono for the debugged child than the one the
debugger is currently running with.

The plan is that the debugger will be able to debug both Mono 2.0 and
Mono 2.1 (linear IR, generics sharing etc.) long-term.

Trunk will remain stable at least until the next major debugger release,
1.2 "M87" for Mono 2.1 in November.


Martin Baulig - martin at novell.com
Novell GmbH, Düsseldorf
GF: Volker Smid, Djamel Souici; HRB 21108 (AG Düsseldorf)

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