[Mono-dev] Running a .NET 3.5 exe

russell.kay at realtimeworlds.com russell.kay at realtimeworlds.com
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OK I see what you saying, what I need to get is we now reference the
WindowsBase.dll assembly to get access to the new ZIP file functionality
and I need to get mono to resolve this.


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> Well the issue is that I need to run nunit on the assembly (it is full
>  of unit tests) and nunit is marked as a v2.0 assembly so to get it to
>  load the v3.5 assembly I need to tell mono to use the 3.5 runtime
>  I know the tests should be using only code that mono implements
>  olive) but I cannot see how to get it to run under the v3.5 runtime.

Thing is that there's no such thing as a v3.5 runtime. .net 3.5 is a
set of assemblies based on the 2.0 runtime. So you can safely invoke
mono on your 3.5 assemblies.

If running it fails, sending the error here would help to diagnose any

Jb Evain  <jb at nurv.fr>

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