[Mono-dev] Patch for mwf-designer

Ivan N. Zlatev contact at i-nz.net
Thu Jul 24 01:43:09 EDT 2008

Guillaume Simard wrote:
> Hello,
> Please find attached a suggested patch for mwf-designer, which corrects 
> improper exception handling when empty fields are provided in the 
> NewFileDialog dialog box (upon pressing Done).

Thanks for the patch. I have applied it in SVN. However I had to edit it
prior to that, because you haven't followed Mono's coding style
guidelines. I assume you just weren't aware of them, so it's okay for
this patch, but please keep in mind for the next.

Now, to reply to the message you sent me privately through my blog,
where you were showing general interest of the status of the
mwf-designer and you were expressing interest in contributing.

During the weekend I have updated the designer wiki page at
http://www.mono-project.com/WinForms_Designer. Now you will find much
better information and documentation resources. Please read it through.

You will find a lot of goodies, including documentation resources,
installation guide, but probably most important for you (as you have
stated that you are a hardcore Visual Studio user) will be the fact that
during the weekend I have made it possible to fully develop, debug, use,
etc mono's design-time code (subset of the System.Design assembly) + the
windows forms designer in Visual Studio and run it on MS.NET. This
should give you a kick-start if you are interested in contributing. The
wiki page has all of the details.

The wiki page, the source code and the documentation resources section
on the wiki page, which includes my dissertation from last year titled
"Building User Interface Design Tools" could be of interest for someone
looking into that area.

Definitely poke me if you have any questions or you need help with
getting around the code.

Kind Regards,
Ivan Zlatev

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