[Mono-dev] HEADS UP: Linear IR branch merge

Geoff Norton gnorton at novell.com
Mon Jul 21 19:22:43 EDT 2008


On Tue, 2008-07-22 at 01:09 +0200, Zoltan Varga wrote:
> Hi All,
>   Now that we have branched for mono 2.0, we would like to merge the
> work done on the linear IR branch to svn HEAD. The
> linear IR branch was created in 2005 October to explore some ideas on
> how to make our JIT simpler and how to make
> it generate better code. A lot of work has been put into the branch
> over the years, and now we are ready to merge it.
> Changes of this magnitude are never easy, so svn head might be a bit
> unstable for a few weeks as we work out the problems. Documentation
> for the new JIT and some benchmarks can be found at
> http://www.mono-project.com/Linear_IL
> I plan to do the merge tomorrow. Until then, please avoid checking in
> code to the mono/mini directory so as to not interfere with the merge.

This is great news!  Do we have a list of architectures that will be
supported, and more importantly a list of architectures that will be
broken when you do the merge?

If I remember correctly, ARM, x86, x86-64, sparc, and itanium are ported



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