[Mono-dev] Patch: XSLT thread safety

Steve Bjorg steveb at mindtouch.com
Thu Jul 17 11:13:58 EDT 2008

Hmm, except the docs for XsltCompiledTransform explicitly states that  
the object is thread-safe once loaded.

> Thread Safety
> The XslCompiledTransform object is thread safe once it has been  
> loaded. In other words, after the Load method has successfully  
> completed, the Transform method can be called simultaneously from  
> multiple threads.

Frankly, loading the XSLT per thread is not an option for us either.   
Hence why we used the XsltCompiledTransform class.

- Steve

Steve G. Bjorg

On Jul 17, 2008, at 7:49 AM, Joshua Tauberer wrote:

> Steve Bjorg wrote:
>> XSLTCompiledTransform is thread-safe.  Would that be an alternative  
>> for you?
> As far as I know, XSLTCompiledTransform (in Mono) just wraps the  
> same code as XslTransformation, so they are equally thread safe.
> The MSDN docs seem to basically say the same thing w.r.t. thread  
> safety, as well (and not mentioning scripts and extension functions).
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