[Mono-dev] SxSVersion third stage: The vendor's problem

Pablo Iñigo Blasco pibgeus at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 11:54:14 EDT 2008

Greetings. I'm back again.

The chosen way is not my favourite (It would have been easy to offer
multiple providers and even extensibility with an extra-auxiliary assembly)
but at least third stage is finished so I am glad :-) even more if everybody
accept this solution.

Thanks to everybody.

PS1: Regards my patch: finally I didn't commit anything, so I'll revert
those changes locally.

> 1. We want to support other databases and then we keep those providers
> public and in System.Data.Linq assembly

 to add public providers to System.Data.Linq wasn't considered from my point
of view, that's why I didn't understand you.
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