[Mono-dev] Some questions about the debugger/debugger add-in

Casey Marshall cmarshall at pacificbiosciences.com
Tue Jul 15 20:34:17 EDT 2008

I've been tracking the SVN sources of mono and MonoDevelop, and I'm
especially interested in the debugger support in MonoDevelop, and had
some questions about it:

It's clearly still in development, but what are the plans and timeline?
Some of the views that exist now are pretty neat, but what about things
like, say, visually inspecting variables while debugging, or other
features otherwise hidden in the GUI version? Is there some kind of TODO
list, or some obvious things that need to be implemented? I'm
specifically interested in things that I could pick up and start working
on, fwiw.

Adding breakpoints to files in assemblies other than the main assembly
doesn't work, e.g., if a solution contains a support library foo.dll for
bar.exe, and I try adding a breakpoint to a file in foo.dll, the
debugger can't resolve that file, apparently because foo.dll isn't
loaded at that point.

Starting up a program under the debugger takes a fairly long time, and
there's no feedback that things are happening during this process.

What key is "L1"? It's bound to the step commands, but I have no idea
what key that corresponds to.


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