[Mono-dev] Patch/2nd Post: mod_mono restart

Joshua Tauberer jit at occams.info
Mon Jul 14 07:50:36 EDT 2008

[Originally posted May 21...]

I encountered a problem when doing a mod-mono-server restart through the 
mod_mono control panel that when requests came in while the restart was 
in progress, the restart would fail, mod-mono-server would be forked but 
fail to start, and it would be continually forked at each request but 
still fail to start.

My solution was to disallow requests while a restart is in progress.

The attached patch allows mod-mono-server backends to be 'paused' with 
requests coming in dropped with 503s during that time. The control panel 
restart now pauses and resumes around the restart. You can also 
pause/resume from the control panel.

The patch also changes where locking is done for the active requests 
counter. (This should have no consequences.)

Attached. I'll commit if it's ok.

- Josh Tauberer

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