[Mono-dev] System.Console problem

Johannes Drachenfels johannes at drachenfels.de
Mon Jul 7 17:10:27 EDT 2008

Hello all,


I am new here, hopefully in the right list :-) and I have a problem with
using system.console under MONO:


I try to reset the width and height of the console:



= 24

= 80

= 300

= 80


But this does not work - I always get an error when using it with mono
on linux. When I do the same on windows it works great!


It looks like the console application does not take any notice when the
size of the underlaying xterm changes. Is there any workarround to get
this solved?!


I want to write a command line interface for a linux system which should
be used over ssh instead of a shell... 


Everything works fine - only the resize of the terminal does not!


Thanks for help






Johannes von Drachenfels

Phone : +49-7231-9223800

Mobile: +49-171-6710815


Drachenfels GmbH

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