[Mono-dev] Mono.Addins suppress console window showing

Vladimir Dimitrov vlad.dimitrov at gmail.com
Thu Jul 3 18:11:39 EDT 2008

Hello guys,


Recently I started using Mono.Addins in my application and it looks very
good. But as the application is primary used under windows (should be
working fine under Linux too) I get an annoying console window showing when
I run:


      AddinManager.Initialize ();


And then another one when I run:


      AddinManager.Registry.Rebuild (null);


I noticed in the code that at some point the .dll executes itself in a
separate process ??!?! So if we add the following line:


process.StartInfo.CreateNoWindow = true;


to the file Mono.Addins/Mono.Addins/Database/SetupProcess.cs this would
suppress the window to show under Window and should not cause any other

Please let me know what you think.


Best regards,

 Vladimir Dimitrov


P.S. I tried compiling my own copy with the change but it didn't worked
because when the process was trying to execute the .dll I compiled an
exception was throws saying this is not a valid windows app. Maybe I need to
compile it to .exe and just rename it?

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