[Mono-dev] Questions About Mono in Second Life

Mono mono at novell.com
Wed Jan 30 22:18:29 EST 2008


    I do not speak for Linden, you should direct these questions at
them,   but here are some guesses:

> May I ask questions about Mono in Second Life as below?
> 1. Which language will residents input for script after Mono is
> applied ?


> 2. I know LSL still works. But can it still be inputted as a supported
> language? 

Yes, your LSL code now gets JITed using Mono instead of being

> 3. Do residents have to download software for Mono ? Or just input the
> language Mono supports as simple as what LSL does currently.

They can keep doing it in the same way;   My understanding is that you
only need to check a checkbox in the SecondLife viewer, and your LSL
script will be executed with Mono instead of the current LSL engine.

> 4. Is the language Mono supports more difficult than LSL and thereby
> most of residents can't work well on it? 

Currently only LSL is supported;   I believe they plan on opening up
SecondLife to new languages in the future.

> 5, May I understand the language is still LSL for residents, but the
> virtual-machine changes into Mono ?

Its an internal change that offers more speed for now;   More features
will be available in the future.

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