[Mono-dev] svn update to r93955 broke my MonoDevelop

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Jan 27 16:23:03 EST 2008

> I only update libgdiplus, mono , xsp and mod_mono when I do update. I
> haven't had troubles like this before when updating my build from svn
> before.

The new Mono fixed a bug in reflection that some of our code depended on
(very unfortunate, and like Zoltan said, the value of fixing these bugs
sometimes is probably not worth the pain).

In any case, I went through the same problem today, and I had to do

	* Install Gtk# 2.10 from the branch

	  ./bootstrap-2.10 --prefix=...
	  make && make install

	* Install mono-addins from trunk

	  rm -rf $prefix/lib/mono-addins

	  svn co ... trunk/mono-addins

	  ./configure --prefix=$prefix

	  make && make install

And that got my MonoDevelop up and running again.


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