[Mono-dev] Announcing NDesk.Options 0.1.0

Jonathan Pryor jonpryor at vt.edu
Sun Jan 27 03:03:49 EST 2008

I am pleased to announce the release of NDesk.Options 0.1.0.
NDesk.Options is a C# program option parser library, inspired by Perl's
Getopt::Long option parser.
To download, visit the NDesk.Options web page:


See http://www.ndesk.org/Options and the OptionSet documentation
for examples.

What's New?

There have been numerous changes since the previous prototype release:
  * Full member documentation.
  * All errors are reported via OptionException.
  * Options has been renamed to OptionSet.
  * OptionSet.Parse(IEnumerable<string>) now returns a List<string> 
    instead of an IEnumerable<string>.
  * When a registered option follows an option requiring a value, the
    registered option is used as the option value instead of triggering 
    an error.  Thus: 

        var p = new OptionSet () {
           { "-n=", v => { /* ignore */ } },
           { "-v",  v => { /* ignore */ } },
        p.Parse (new string[]{"-n", "-v"});
    would previously have triggered an exception, but now uses -v as
    the value of the -n option. This is consistent with Getopt::Long.
  * TypeConverter exceptions are now wrapped within an OptionException,
    and the Message property contains a useful error message.
  * OptionException message localization support.
  * Add a OptionContext class that provides contextual information 
    about the current option.
  * Add a set of OptionSet.Add() methods that have callbacks that 
    accept an OptionContext parameter.
  * Add a set of virtual methods to Option and OptionSet to permit 
    use by subclasses. The OptionSet class-level documentation has an 

As always, I'm interested in API and design feedback, and any way that
the library could be improved.

 - Jon

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