[Mono-dev] Gdk and Cygwin option B for exchange support

Dennis Hayes denisraytek at yahoo.com
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  Ximian, the company that used to sponser Mono, and still does after being swallowed by Novell, used to sell a product called I think, "Ximian Connector," which was also aquired by Novell.
  The product allowed, I think, Linux clients to connect to Exchange servers.
  I don't know what it cost, or if it is even still supported by Novell.
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Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 14:43:36 -0500
From: "Vladimir Giszpenc" 
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I am in the unfortunate position of having to run Windows because my company
uses exchange and will not open IMAP or POP so I can read mail from
Thunderbird. So I run VMWare on Windows with an OpenSuse VM. I run CygWin
and use SSH to forward the display back to Windows/Cygwin. It works amazing
well as long as I close things regularly, because there are some memory
leaks somewhere.

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