[Mono-dev] [Mono-list] ANN: pcsc-sharp

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Sun Jan 20 15:31:20 EST 2008

Am 20.01.2008 um 20:03 schrieb Dewan Hrishikesh:

> that's really a good addition for the mono hackers. did u completly  
> wrote the library in C# or is pinvoke wrapper to the dll.

pcsc-sharp and MCard-sharp both use p/invoke.

pcsc-sharp uses WinSCard.dll by default and Mono's dllmap mechanism to  
change this for non-Windows and OSX to use pcsc-lite library/framework.

MCard-sharp is currently hardcoded to use said MCChipdr.dll, and this  
can only be overridden by Mono's dllmap mechanism; for .NET Framework  
it needs to be changed in source code.

The helper library uses no additional p/invokes. I believe  
alternatively there'd be a COM-based solution for Windows but I wasn't  
aware of something cross-platform.


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