[Mono-dev] XBuild and $(MSBuildExtensionsPath)?

marc hoffman mh at elitedev.com
Wed Jan 16 09:53:51 EST 2008


I notice that XBuild (on a standard Mono 1.2.6 install, OS X) does not currently
support/understand the $(MSBuildExtensionsPath) variable that's commonly used to
reference third party .target files from within projects. It simply emits an
error about not being able to locate the .target, showing the path as if the
variable was undefined/empty.

My question is: what is the intended behavior here:

- Should the third party or user define the variable themselves (if so, how to
avoid conflict between different third parties; is there a "preferred" location
to use for this (such as $(ProgramFiles)\MSBuild is used by .NET)?

- Should the variable not be used, in favor of full paths to the .targets (if
so, that'd break .proj fine compatibility between Mono and .NET).

I'm looking for an answer here for two reasons, firstly to just get XBuild
working for myself (easy, i can just define the var as i please ;), but more
importantly to update our product install script (for Chrome,
http://remobjects.com/chrome) to get xbuild to work with .chrome projects out of
the box after users install it.

Any insight would be appreciated.


marc hoffman

RemObjects Software
The Infrastructure Company

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