[Mono-dev] Garbage collection for threads

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Fri Jan 11 19:00:19 EST 2008

> 1)	If an application is blocked on a IO read, will the GC thread still run and 
> collect freed objects ? I thought the GC thread always runs, no matter what, 
> but it does not look like it. What is the intended behaviour ? I hope the 
> answer works for threads too i.e. if some thread is blocked, will the GC 
> clean away objects freed previously in that thread ?

Yes, it will.

> 2) After a thread is finished and there are no references of it anywhere, what 
> is an approximate time after which the thread (and the objects created in the 
> Thread.Start method) will be freed ? 1sec/1min/10 min - really I am asking if 
> there is any way the thread could still linger in the memory for a long time 
> (long ~ 10mins or more).

The thread object might go away, but the OS thread will continue to
exist.   The OS thread needs to terminate for it to be finished.


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