[Mono-dev] Hello - monodevelopers -- goodbye problems!

Nate Barger nate.barger at gmail.com
Wed Jan 9 15:21:53 EST 2008

Whats up guys,
Ok so I needed to use a hyperlink in a gridview and so I decided that I
needed to compile form src, have had a problem getting mod mono working from
src for about a week now.  No one responds to my forum messages so I'm
giving this a try.  So after reading and reading and reading and reading let
me get this straight:

1. compile & install gdiplus
2. compile & install mono

in that order?

Im on ubuntu 7.10 so I am getting from svn

the problem I have is that:

1. I can't compile gdiplus:
configure: error: Cairo requires at least one font backend.
                  Please install freetype and fontconfig, then try again:
                  http://freetype.org/  http://fontconfig.org/
even though I have cairo2-dev installed, i have installed both of those
packages as well with no luck, I was reading a tutorial on how to compile
from src that said i needed cairo1-dev but I can't install it because
apparently a lot of the programs on ubuntu depend on cairo2 for some reason
or another and it is listed that cairo is conflicting with cairo2-dev and
some other things

2.  I get an error from mod mono, saying that my corlib.dll is version 65
when it wanted 64, note that I am installing everything from src, mono, xsp,
mod mono all versions 1.2.6.

Thanks I hope you guys can help me out
Btw this has been my only real problem with mono so far, everything else has
been able to convert my entire web application over to mono with minimal
troubles so I am eager to get this working.  Also I am going to try to use
this for production use so maybe there would be a way that I could get the
newer libraries and use the stable build since all I really need is for the
hyperlink in a gridview to work, any comments would be appreciated as well.
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