[Mono-dev] Adding signal support to gapi genrated binding

Marek Safar marek.safar at seznam.cz
Mon Jan 7 03:17:27 EST 2008

>> One unsolved thing is that I now get a warning for every signal I added.
>> Can this be ignored or is this the norm?
>> mcs -pkg:gtk-sharp-2.0 -target:library -out:generated/abiword-sharp.dll
>> generated/*.cs
>> generated/AbiWidget.cs(222,37): warning CS0169: The private method
>> `Abiword.AbiWidget.OverrideTableState(GLib.GType)' is never used
>> generated/AbiWidget.cs(291,37): warning CS0169: The private method
>> `Abiword.AbiWidget.OverrideJustifyAlign(GLib.GType)' is never used
> It's normal.  We use -nowarn:0169,0612,0618 in gtk-sharp on the csc/mcs
> command line for generated source compilations to avoid the spew.
It's not normal but it may happen when your method is not referenced by any
C# code and it's used externally instead. If it's not your case, please 
fill compiler
bug report.

There are generally 2 recommended approaches how to solve those warnings

1. mark the method as internal and not private
2. use "pragma warning" to disable specific warning in the code block.


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