[Mono-dev] set culture uses serialization?

Miguel de Icaza miguel at novell.com
Sun Jan 6 00:09:14 EST 2008


> I spoke too soon.  I tested on an old version mistakenly.  1.2.6 has  
> now Korean and Konkani.  Sweet!  I updated our languages page.

Glad to hear this!

> That only leaves the issue with using serialization when setting  
> CurrentCulture.  Is that by design or a bug?  If by design, what is  
> the recommended pattern for supporting difference cultures on  
> different threads?

Is this leading to a crash or a performance concern?

If its a crash, we should look into fixing this. 

I have not investigated what Microsoft does in the particular scenario
that you are running into (where you handle some of the work on async
thread callbacks).

It seems like the culture should be auto-reset, but I have not written
any tests myself.


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