[Mono-dev] [PATCH] RFC: ppc-codegen.h

Andreas Färber andreas.faerber at web.de
Sat Jan 5 16:28:46 EST 2008


Please review the following reformatting-only patch to ppc-codegen.h:

A "copyright section" by Christopher Taylor / Ximian was moved to the  
top and integrated with a standardized Mono header (Authors, Copyright).
Rationale: The macros are incomplete, and maintenance is difficult  
with such separately organized my-code-sections.
Miguel already said this would be okay in general, but I haven't got  
an okay on the details yet. Please review if this is missing any info,  
for example a 2002 Ximian, Inc. copyright line? ("my and Ximian's  

The macros are now grouped by instruction only, sorted alphabetically.  
Pseudo-instructions are kept with the instructions.
Rationale: This allows better comparison with the PowerPC manuals.
Some macros from the top were thus moved to the appropriate locations  
but not yet changed content-wise in this patch, as requested by Paolo.  
(to allow better review)
I chose to add new lines in between rather than indenting lines to  
keep the patch readable.

Not addressed in this patch are the Mono coding guidelines; I have  
adopted Christopher's coding style for now to keep the macros  
consistent and, again, the patch small. (if I added the missing spaces  
everywhere you wouldn't see where I inserted lines)
Should this be addressed later somehow while I'm at it? Or should I  
update only the lines I add/move with the Mono coding style, in  
contrast to the rest of the file?

Once it's agreed on how exactly to structure the file, I could start  
merging my ppc64 changes.


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