[Mono-dev] Deprecating some Mono commands, Cecil mono-api-info

Miguel de Icaza miguel at ximian.com
Thu Feb 28 16:35:49 EST 2008

Hey folks,

    For Mono 2.0 I believe it would be useful to deprecate a few
commands that have better replacements or that are not that useful
anymore.   We could either remove the commands, or have them issue a
warning that the code has been deprecated.

    I welcome your feedback, here are the ones that I have in mind:

	* monolinker - replaced by the Cecil linker.
	* prj2make - Use MonoDevelop instead.

    Additionally, I believe that the Cecil-based mono-api-info is a
better implementation than the SRE-based implementation.   And am
wondering if we should just replace our current implementation with the
version living in cecil (this would also eliminate mono-api-info and


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