[Mono-dev] help with Mono ADO presentation

Dennis Hayes denisraytek at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 16 03:16:59 EST 2008

I might have a chance to present on Mono's implmentation of ADO.NET/Data providers if I can come up with a presentation in time.
  1) Are there any design docs in SVN?
  2) does anyone have slides etc about such that they are willing to share?
  Does the System.Data Vsual studio project/solution files work?
  I tried to load them but got errors after VS2005 convert them. The error was thatit could not load the project, so I was left with a blank solution. I won't have access to VS2003 until Monday. I tried loading them with SharpDevelop 2.2 and it came back with an error about needing c:bin\mainsoft something. I only downloaded System.data, I have now downloaded trunk/mcs and trunk/mono. Going to bed so I can't try again before tommorrow.
  I don't want anyone to spend any significant time on this, just look for some quick answers before I go digging.

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