[Mono-dev] Create linux installer

"Clemens Holzhüter" Clemens.Holzhueter at gmx.de
Fri Feb 15 12:55:00 EST 2008

> Can you share your patch?

Sure, as soon as i figure out how to contribute to the mono-project. The patch fixes a problem with XMLDigitalSignatures, that caused a non conform behaviour between .NET and mono with some XML files i use.
> Also, what distribution?  The answers are quite different depending.
> The safest procedure for this (assuming you're using an rpm-based
> distribution) is to install the source rpm from your distribution,
> increment the release number or the version number, add your patch to
> the list of patches and to the %prep section of the spec file and
> re-build.
> There is some reasonably good documentation for RPM here:
> http://www.rpm.org/max-rpm/

Ok, thank you... i will report back..

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