[Mono-dev] SWF Issues

Dennis Hayes denisraytek at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 8 23:28:41 EST 2008

I have a .NET program that does not run well under Linux.
  We will never run this program on Linux, so it is not important to us to get any of these bugs fixed.
  On the other hand I love Mono and will consider tracking down and possibly even fixing some of the issues. However, these days my Mono time is used to write ABOUT mono instead of WRITING Mono.
  The program is small to medium size, but I am willing to write a simpler version showing the errors if needed.
  It was written in VB.NET 2008.
  I am testing it on the 1.2.6_1 MonoVM
  The latest Moma is 100% clean, no todos, execptions or missings.
  The code uses inherited forms. For instance the base form is a solid grey form that fills the entire screen, has a message to press the space bar to continue on a label at the bottom, and closes the form if it detects a space bar press. Another form inherits that and adds a rfttext box with instructions, another form inherits the grey form and adds a string box for input.
  I think #1 and #2 have been previously reported.
  1)      Masked text box does not mask, so the password is displayed in clear text.  The applications is a exam program and after the subject reads the instructions, an instructor comes over and types in a password to continue with the exam. So the client will certainly see the password as it is typed in.
  2)      The form has a property set to fill the screen. It stays at the size it was created at.
  3)      We can’t show a cursor because it would be a distraction. I get around that by have a textbox of minimum size. After the form has been shown, I set focus to it, and in the textbox leave event, I reset the focus to the textbox. This works in windows, but in Linux, the cursor leaves the text box. This may be because the form is not maximized.
  4)      Most instruction screens are blank. I think it is because the text is in a rich text box.
  There are probably other issues, but these make it hard to test further.
  I can send anyone the .exe or the source code. I could probably convert the code to C# before sending if that would help.

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