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Fri Feb 8 08:55:55 EST 2008

end from FAM server connection
Failed to write bytes to socket 83

part, I think that some problem while communicating with the gam
daemon, my leave things in a unstable state, as we can see that
request numbers wrap back from #16 to #1 when doing the
FAMMonitorDirectory (my "Started: " message)  which is rejected
afterwards in the FAMCancelMonitor (my "Stopping: " message).

Well just looking again at that log we find:

** ERROR **: file gam_tree.c: line 146 (gam_tree_remove): assertion
failed: (g_node_n_children(node->node) == 0)

So it clearly shows that something is wrong within gamin. I'm ccing
the gamin-list, but for now I would suggest to change the configure or
the internal-call that tells FileSystemWatcher to use FAMWatcher , to
avoid calling gamin (it provides a so we think FAM is

Hope it helps,

Ps.: For now I'm setting MONO_MANAGED_WATCHER envvar to be able to use

Rafael "Monoman" Teixeira
I'm trying to become a "Rosh Gadol" before my own eyes. 
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