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Fri Feb 8 08:55:55 EST 2008

seems that the VB compiler (mbas) isn't up to compiling class
just yet.  Microsoft did in fact write the VB namespace in VB.NET, and
uses aspects of the VB.NET language that aren't available in C#.  So,
order for mono to have a complete implementation of the base class,
we're either going to have to change how the C# language works
write parts of the namespace in MSIL, or convert everything over and
the VB compiler when it matures.


However, right now it's my opinion that we should wait for the
to get to a point where it's usable for compiling class libraries,
start porting over the VB namespace to VB.  This will help in testing
the compiler as well as get the namespace in the right language.  Of
course, this is just my opinion, and I'd like to hear what some of the
big guys have to say about it.


When/if work starts on the VB namespace in VB, I'm more than ready to
jump in and start implementing/converting parts of it.







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Currently our VB runtime is written in C#.

I have heard rumer that MS implments Microsoft.VisualBasic in VB, and
that due to differences in the languages, we will need to convert this
namespace to VB for complete compatablity.

Is this correct?
I am about to test some tools that convert between VB and C#, should I
add a MS.VB.VB to CVS and start converting the code?

Is this needed or useful?



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