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Fri Feb 8 08:55:55 EST 2008

> It's a simple way to create files for the individual user that aren't
> visible by the user (they're stored ~/.mono/isolated-storage).  It
> should work quite well for this, and should suffice for storing program
> preferences and other related things.
> Aside from permission support and implementing a fixed-size data store
> (and how should that be configured?),

On the MS.NET platform this is defined in policies (caspol.exe) and by IsolatedStoragePermission.
There's also a (missing?) tool, storeadm.exe, for administring IsolatedStorage.

> it's pretty much feature
> complete.  Or mostly complete, anyway.

Do you plan to complete the classes ?
or to add some unit tests for them ?


Sebastien Pouliot

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