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Fri Feb 8 08:55:55 EST 2008

  foreach (string source in fileNames)
    args.AppendFormat("'{0}' ",source);
  return args.ToString();

What am I doing wrong? Surely someone must have tested xsp on win32 with
0.25 before me?


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To: Pelle Johnsen; Mono Development
Subject: RE: [Mono-devel-list] xsp-0.4 + mono-0.25 on win32?

El mar, 01-07-2003 a las 02:22, Pelle Johnsen escribió:
> Hi Gonzalo,
> Have tried that, but the mono.bat file prepends the directory with mcs.exe
> to the path.

I'm not sure I understand what this means...

> Even tried renaming mcs.exe - the mcs.bat still isn't run :(

mcs.bat has to be in your PATH, mcs.exe doesn't.


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