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Fri Feb 8 08:55:55 EST 2008

needed to
have Graphics objects initialized from GDI specific data structures (HDC and
to perform painting and in the case of owner-drawn elements we do not really
neither surface on which we are painting nor the moment when painting is
Some other SysDrawing objects (like Bitmap,Image, Font, Region) are also
GDI depended from my point of view.

So, IMO, the code for System.Drawing have to be compatible with
and may be we need to separate SysDrawing like SFW is separated now ?


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> Hello,
> > > A while back I mailed in some patches for Bitmap.cs and Image.cs which
> > > never seem to have made it into cvs. I am submitting them again, as
> > > diffs against cvs head (attached). This patch allows bitmaps to be
> > > loaded from disk, using Gdk.
> > >
> > > I need to get this working in Mono in order to run Flat Four (see
> > > on Linux. If there is anything that I
> > > do to help get these patches into the next release, please let me
> >
> > Image.diff is ok (it's just a stuf), but Bitmap.diff would add a
> > dependency on libgdk.
> >
> > We should not depend on that.
> My feelings is that we could live with the dependency in the meantime.
> But Gonzalo is right in that we should consider what we will do in the
> long term for implementing that functionality.  The dependency is not
> something everyone might be excited about.
> There is some reformatting of the code, large chunks of it that would
> loose history.
> Miguel.
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