[Mono-dev] [PATCH] Improvements to browser file handling

Dean Brettle dean at brettle.com
Mon Dec 29 00:21:36 EST 2008

Hi all,

Marek Habersack emailed me about problems putting machine level browser
files in the App_Browsers folder to workaround limitations in Mono's default
machine level browser file (Compat.browser) .  It turns out that putting
replacement machine level browser files in App_Browsers is not supported
under .NET either, so allowing app developers to do that under Mono would
only encourage creation of non-portable apps.  Instead, the attached patch
allows app developers to place replacement machine-level browser files in
App_Data/Mono_Machine_Browsers/.  If any browser files are found in that
location, they are used as the machine-level browser files and the default
machine-level browser files are ignored.  I chose to use a location under
App_Data so that the browser files would be hidden under both Mono and .NET.

The patch also fixes a compatibility bug where Mono required an
<identification> section in each browser def, while .NET did not.

Comments?  OK to commit to mono-2-2 and trunk?

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