[Mono-dev] FW: RealTimeSignal patch

tim.jenks at realtimeworlds.com tim.jenks at realtimeworlds.com
Fri Dec 19 05:34:53 EST 2008

Further updates to patch based on comments.

> 1. Formatting.  There are still numerous cases where there isn't a
> space
> before the opening parenthesis.

My bad here, I was not familiar with the Mono Coding Guidelines, and I had misunderstood your previous comments re: spacing before parenthesis. This should now be fixed up.

> 3. mono/support/map.h needs to be updated to provide prototypes for the
> new functions in mono/support/signal.c.  Installing mono-tools (to get
> create-native-map) and running `make refresh` from mono/support will
> update mono/support/map.h for you.
> BTW, do you have commit access to svn?  If not, I can handle (3) for
> you
> when I commit the patches.

I don't have commit access no :)

> > +       public struct RealTimeSignum
> > +#if NET_2_0
> > +               : IEquatable <RealTimeSignum>
> > +#endif
> > +       {
> > +               private int rt_offset;
> > +               private static readonly int MaxOffset =
> UnixSignal.GetSIGRTMAX()-UnixSignal.GetSIGRTMIN()-1;
> > +               public static readonly RealTimeSignum MinValue = new
> RealTimeSignum(0);
> > +               public static readonly RealTimeSignum MaxValue = new
> RealTimeSignum(MaxOffset);
> Missing space before opening parenthesis.
> Offhand, does C# guarantee the order of initialization of members?  I
> don't remember, and if the order isn't guaranteed then we'll need to
> use
> a static constructor to ensure that MaxOffset is set before setting
> MaxValue.

I think we're OK with this one; from http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa645757(VS.71).aspx:

`Thus, when a class is initialized, all static fields in that class are first initialized to their default values, and then the static field initializers are executed in textual order.'



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