[Mono-dev] 2.12.6 installers for .Net

Mike Kestner mkestner at novell.com
Wed Dec 10 17:09:53 EST 2008

We are now announcing the availability of win32 runtime and sdk
installers for Gtk# 2.12.6 via the mono project download page:


These installers are built on the upstreamed sources (now in svn trunk
module win32-installers) which were used by Medsphere to provide 2.10
installers via the OpenVista project.  We would like to thank Medsphere
for providing this service to the community, and in particular Cody
Russell and Brad Taylor for their efforts in the past and hopefully
future to keep improving on these installers.  The installers also build
on the gtk+ binary distribution provided by gtk.org.

The Novell release team is currently working feverishly to update the
mono combined installer to Gtk# 2.12.6 as well, and we will be
announcing that availability in the coming days.

Since I know the question will be coming, now that win64 binaries are
available from gtk.org for the gtk+ stack, we will be working to provide
win64 installers for at least the .Net runtime.  There are some
challenges to work through, not the least of which being time and
availability with all the various priorities coming at us.  If you'd
like to help with this effort, please let us know.

The coming months will be very busy.  We will be branching for 2.13.x
unstable development once mono 2.2 is released.  We have several nice
enhancements in the works or planned for 2.14, like class virtual method
support (thanks to Christian), glue reduction/elimination, more friendly
win32 build process, and the new gio APIs (thanks to Stephane) plus all
the new gtk+ goodies.

Mike Kestner <mkestner at novell.com>

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