[Mono-dev] Mono 2.0 and FreeBSD

Phillip N. pneumann at gmail.com
Tue Dec 9 13:44:01 EST 2008

El mar, 09-12-2008 a las 11:40 -0500, Geoff Norton escribió:
> Actually scratch that, the SIGFPE is expected there, it gets translated
> into an exception by our runtime.  Have you tried compiling with
> sigaltstack off as asked by zoltan?  I updated my 7.0 VM to mono trunk,
> and fail in exceptions.cs with the altstack code on.  (I havn't tested
> with it off yet)
> -g

Would it help if i setup a script that pulls mono from trunk every
night, and reports the compilation and test results in a web?

Is there such thing already? sorry if there is one..


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