[Mono-dev] 2 Mono releases a year...

Thomas Wiest twiest at novell.com
Mon Dec 8 18:55:02 EST 2008

Hey Guys,
    The build and test team is struggling to keep up with all of our 
obligations (and our task lists just keep growing). The only way I can 
see being able to get ahead is to reduce the number of Mono releases we 
do a year. Right now we've been trying to do 4 releases a year (it looks 
like it's going to be closer to 3 in the short term).

    I propose that we start doing only 2 Mono releases a year. This will 
allow the build and test team a lot more time in between releases to 
keep up with the tasks we've been asked to do.

So, the question is, if we start doing 2 releases a year, what are the 
negative affects of this?

Since the major distros and gnome only have 2 releases a year also, I 
would think the impact would be fairly minimal. Am I wrong?


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